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Eamavijaya.                      23

heart of Bharat Yashishta placed the  padukas* of  Rama
on the throne and proclaimed him as the king  of Ayodya 
Shortly after, the body of1 Dasharatha was carried  to   the
funeral ground, and burnt with all his wives, except Kausal-
ya, Sumitra and Kayakayi.    Kausalya and Snmitra were
ready to burn themselves with their husband, but Yashishta
prevented them from doing so, as they had sons.    After
the funeral ceremony of Dasharatha was over, Bharat went
and saw his mother, Kayakayi, when she said, "Son! I have
caused Barna and Lakshuman to be banished to a forest and
secured the kingdom for you with the  greatest difficulty.
Now without delay take  charge  of the   kingdom,  and
you will be very happy.    We have now no enemies ;  and
it is a very good sign that the king has also died." Bharat
got very much enraged at what he had heard from Kayakayi
and replied, "You are a murderess of your husband and an
enemy of Rama.    It is most sinful, wicked and disgraceful
on your part to cause the death of my father and the banish-
ment  of  my dear brother to the forest. Rama is the right-
ful claimant of the throne, let him * come and take his
kingdom.    I want nothing except Kama and shall  pass
iny days with him in the forest."    So  saying  he  drowsed
himself in valkalyas and set out for Chitra&uta to join his
brothers. He was followed by Yashista, Kausalya, Sumitra,
Shatrughana, Sumant, and all the people  of Ayodya, who
were very anxious to see Rama.    Thay all arrived at  the
river, where, Guhaka had his  hut; and at the  request of
Bharat the fisherman conveyed all the people to the other
side of the river,    Lakshuman having  seen the people,
thought that Kayakayi had sent them to kill Rama and began
to let off arrows at them.    But Rama stopped him, saying
tkat th,ey were not his enemies.    Shortly after, they  all
reached the paranakutika of Rama, when the prince embra-
ced them very affectionately and asked his mother how the
* Wooden shoes,